Lately my days have been spent trying to figure out what would be the best post during the time of a crisis. I struggled with…should it be a post about sex during social distancing, dating in a crisis, or staying connected as a couple. All such good topics, but it just didn’t feel right. As much as I love the topic of sex and sexual empowerment for women It just doesn’t feel good right now.

Over the last couple of weeks the feeling of helplessness has come over me. Scrolling on social media all I see is pain. Now, as a helper in this field I yearn to want to fix…I am a fixer. Just ask my friends and family, they present a problem and my question is always, “How do we fix it?” Reality is I can’t fix Covid-19…I can’t provide funds for everyone out of work…I can’t give these children their senior proms or graduations.

Now, I could sit and focus on all the things I can’t do….OR I can focus on what I can do during these times. Yes, I decided that my niche would be in sex, intimacy, and women empowerment BUT I can also provide space for healing in all aspects. Coping is going to be essential as we maneuver through this new normal. Loss is inevitable, pain is inevitable, but resilience is a must. 

Making the decision to focus on uplifting women during this time was a no brainer. I will continue to provide my services to anyone that needs room to breath…room to cry…room to just be still. I am open for business, here to help and provide everyone who needs it no matter the financial status. Not only me, but all of the essential counselors have prepared for this moment to serve!!!

What do you need in this moment?